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Write an article about that particular coaching or college or Institute in which you studied in the past and you know very well.

write true review of that particular Institute, because this is the question of our upcoming generation future.

 tell each thing of that particular Institute like-

 1- coaching faculty experience

 2- study note quality

 3- how the campus looks like

 4- hostel facility, mess facility

 5 – coaching fees

 6- Result

 7- what other people say

 and many more…………

 article must be at least 300 words.

 the starting of the article must be from the introduction – Sample post 

 don’t do  unnecessary linking.

 when you submitted your article your article will be get reviewed by our administrator.

 after found correct your article will be published on the website 

When your article gets published on the web you can share it with anyone by sharing tab which is below to each post.

you can write an article in Hindi or English language only.

  monetizing policy

 total views on your all post must be 500  and total likes on your all post must be 100.

 after reaching this goal you can mail us for monetizing, or administrator may send you monetizing message.

 like this  your account has been  monetized successfully.

 the payment will be made on monthly basis.

 you can request for payment either by Paytm or bank account only. for outside India, payment will be made through the only bank account.

 after monetization, you will be get paid for total views on your all article.

 1 views = 1/2 Rupees

 thousand views = 500/- rupees

2000 views = 1000/- rupees

 minimum payment will be made of 200/- rupees.

means you will get your first pay after total 400 views on your post.

 the final decision in any case will be our administrator decision.