Best UPSC coaching in Kanpur IAS IPS 2020

Best UPSC coaching in Kanpur IAS IPS 2020

Best UPSC coaching in Kanpur

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 today I am going to discuss in very detail the best UPSC coaching available in Kanpur which is none other than Chahal Academy Kanpur.

 let me explain one by one thier features.

Chahal Academy Kanpur



The one-year foundation course is meticulously designed for aspirants who have completed their graduation and are targeting for Civil Services Examination next year.


Two years foundation course is systematically designed for working professionals/final year students or people who can dedicate 2-3 hours to studying or even less for preparation.


The unlimited lifetime foundation course is designed for youngsters who want to give a head start to their UPSC journey.

Being prepared in advance for an exam as demanding as UPSC is always a smart step.

Anybody who wants to repeat foundation courses or anybody who wants life-long association with Chahal Academy can also opt for the Unlimited Lifetime foundation course.

Chahal academy Kanpur fee structure

Earlier I already told you there is three type of programs, three type of courses I will explain you detail fee structure one by one.

Chahal Academy  course fee structure

  1. One year foundation course fee 75000+GST.
  2. 2 years foundation course fee 95000 + GST.
  3. Unlimited lifetime foundation course fee 115000 + GST.
  4.  the test series are provided within the course fee means there is no other fee for test series.
  5.  between the duration, of course, they conduct scholarship exams if you perform better you can avail scholarship UP to 30% of your fees.

Chahal Academy coaching faculty

The faculty of Chahal coaching Academy Kanpur  is well trained and well educated.

 all the faculty comes from  their head office Delhi only.

 the faculty come from Delhi stay up to 2- 3 weeks in Kanpur after completing their topic they move on to another Chahal Academy branch instructed by their head office Delhi.

 means the instructor of this coaching is dealing with only  civil services applicant.

Chahal Academy Kanpur study material.

 the whole study material is provide by Chahal Academy there is no need to buy any other book.

 they will provide you test series also without any fee.

the Chahal Academy will provide you daily The Hindu newspaper analysis  classes.

Medium of coaching

 the coaching provide for UPSC aspirants is Hindi language and English language

 there is bilingual coaching facilities in chahal Academy.

 the study material is also available in both language Hindi in English.

 so there is no need to worry regarding language.

Chahal Academy Kanpur hostel facility.

 there is no hostel available in this Academy but they will guide you a good hostel available nearby coaching if you like so.

 Chahal Academy Kanpur scholarship

 students can get scholarship also.

 between the course duration they conduct exams for scholarship.

 you can get up to 30% scholarship  from your course fee.

 few important points regarding chal Academy Kanpur centre 

  1. The Kanpur center of Chahal Academy has been started  since 2019 
  2.   the Chahal Academy  Kanpur center is on full throttle to provide better education to their student.
  3.  the faculty staff, as well as reception, is quite friendly if you have any issues you can directly approach to the reception of Chahal Academy Kanpur.

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 if you are the past student of Chahal Academy you can share your experience by comment just below the post.

 your review will be very helpful for upcoming future student.

 so here I discuss all pros and cons of best UPSC coaching in Kanpur  Chahal Academy in very detail. thanks for being with me

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