Top NDA coaching center in India

Top NDA coaching center in India

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There are various NDA coaching Academy in India who provide very well coaching for NDA exam preparation but a few of them are result oriented .

Here I will tell you the best NDA coaching Academy which will lead you to success.

  • Doon Defence Academy Dehradun
  • Olive green Institute
  • General Ranjit Academy

Doon Defence Academy Dehradun COURSE, FEE STRUCTURE


Enroll for Best NDA Coaching in DehradunDoon Defence Academy is the No.1 Institute for NDA Coaching in Dehradun, India. Every year more than 2000 students enroll themselves for different career prospectives. DDA has given more than 8500 selections in last 15 years. Now it’s your turn. Join the best National Defence Academy (NDA) training institutes.

Doon Defence Academy has proudly given more than “8500 Selections in Last 15 years”.

Known for providing the Best NDA coaching in India to all the NDA aspirantsDDA has achieved magnificent results over the years. DDA also provide SSB-Interview classes at free of cost for our students in Dehradun.


  1. NDA
  2. SSB
  3. Indian Army
  4. Indian Navy
  5. Indian Airforce
  6. Coast Guard
  8. Merchant Navy

Doon Defence Academy Fee Structure 

Registration Fee –  700 for any Course

NOTE : 10% Fee concession for ESM, SM, Single Parent Child.

S.No.Course NameDurationCourse Fee
1.Unlimited Coaching01 YearRs. 49,000/-
2.NDA 06 MonthsRs. 37,000/-
 04 MonthsRs. 34,000/-
3.CDSE / OTA01 YearRs. 46,000/-
06 MonthsRs. 34,000/-
04 MonthsRs. 31,000/-
4.AFCAT / INET01 YearRs. 46,000/-
06 MonthsRs. 34,000/-
04 MonthsRs. 31,000/-
5.Indian Navy (AA / SSR / MR)01 YearRs. 40,000/-
06 MonthsRs. 25,000/-
04 MonthsRs. 19,000/-
6.Indian Airforce (Group – “X” / Group – “Y”)01 YearRs. 40,000/-
06 MonthsRs. 25,000/-
04 MonthsRs. 19,000/-
7.Indian Navy (AA/SSR)  +   Indian Airforce      (Group -“X” / Group – “Y”)01 YearRs. 42,000/-
 06 MonthsRs. 35,000/-
8.Group – “X”/”Y” Phase – II Exam (With Hostel)01 Month Rs. 15,500/-
Group – “X”/”Y” Phase – II Exam (Without Hostel) Rs. 10,000/-
Group – “X”/”Y” Phase – II Exam (With Hostel)15 DaysRs. 10,000/
Group – “X”/”Y” Phase – II Exam (Without Hostel)Rs. 7,000/
Group – “X”/”Y” Phase – II Exam (With Hostel)07 DaysRs. 7,000/-
Group – “X”/”Y” Phase – II Exam (With Hostel)Rs. 5,000/-
9.Delhi Police / Coast Guard / BSF03 MonthsRs. 16,000/-
10.Indian Army  Clerk / SOI (Tech)03 MonthsRs. 14,000/-
 IMU – CET Regular Course (Unlimited Coaching)03 MonthsRs. 50,000/-
11.IMU – CET Crash Course01 MonthRs. 20,000/-
12.Crash Course for NDA Coaching01 MonthRs. 15,000/-
13.Crash Course for Defence Coaching(Army, Navy, Airforce)01 MonthRs. 10,000/-
14.Spoken English / PDPer MonthRs. 1,500/-

Click here for official website of DOON  Defence Academy Dehradun.

Olive green Institute COURSE, FEE STRUCTURE



Olive Greens is a multifaceted Institute, which is earnestly committed to promoting individual and organizational competence for HR development through a scientific process of intellectual, emotional, and social skills enhancement.

The spectrum of our activities spans Personality and Aptitude Assessment, Leadership and Team Building, and Soft Skills Development.

The need to build up and sustain a robust and effective corporate leadership cannot be overemphasized.

Olive green Institute FEE STRUCTURE

Courses:    NDA Written CoachingDuration:   8 WeeksSingle incl Regn Charges:    *27,000/-Remarks: * Registration fee is non-refundable.

Courses:    CDS (OTA)Duration:   8 WeeksSingle incl Regn Charges:   *25,000/-

Courses: CDS (IMA), AFCATDuration:  8 WeeksSingle incl Regn Charges: *27,000/-

Hostel Charges

Separate Institute’s Hostel facilities for Boys and Girls candidates. which includes accommodation bed, Bedding, food, and laundry.  Charges for the same are as under:-

(a) 08 (Eight) weeks                            –  Rs 24,000/-.

(b) Hostel Security (Refundable)        – Rs 500/-.

Courses:    SSB cum Personality DevelopmentDuration:   2 WeeksGeneral Category (Single) incl Registration:   *15,500/-

Courses:   SSB Refresher Course (for candidates trained at OGI within last 1 year)Duration:  1 WeekGeneral Category (Single) incl Registration:  *8,000/-

Courses : PABT CPSS ( Computerized Pilot Selection System)For own students : *2,500/-

FEE includes Registration (Rs 3000/-), Study Material, Refreshment (Tea/Coffee etc)

Click here for official website of olive green Academy.

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