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unacademy review – Unacademy is India’s largest education platform that hosts thousands of online lessons and specialized courses that aid students to crack various competitive examinations effortlessly.

With over three lakh students, 2500 courses, and over two million views every month, Unacademy transforms the lives of students and educators even at the grass-root level.

As a noteworthy alternative to classroom education, Unacademy empowers student communities by providing access to courses on every possible topic in multiple languages.

Highlighting features of Unacademy

Daily live classes

Live online classes that facilitate chatting with educators, asking questions to them, participate in live polls, and instant clarification of doubts.

Practice and Revision

Practice sessions along with the classes, Mock tests, and lecture notes in the form of PDFs help the students to stay on track of learning and practice actively. PDFs with comprehensive lecture notes help in the revision of concepts.

Learn by negating time and place restrictions

Unacademy offers ‘Unacademy Plus’ which is a paid version of it. With this subscription, it is possible to access all live classes and recorded classes of Unacademy and watch them on the go.

Unacademy Learning Application

Unacademy Learning App helps students to download lessons and learn anytime, anywhere. It is available in the play store. Anyone can download it from the play store and after creating an account in it, anyone can enjoy the vast possibilities of learning offered by Unacademy.

Exam categories :  More than 60Daily live classes : More than 1500
Educators :  More than 14000Video lessons : More than 1 Million

Stalwarts of Unacademy

Gaurav MunjalCo-founder and CEO
Roman SainiCo-founder and chief educator
Hemesh SinghCo-founder and CTO

Courses offered by Unacademy

UPSC CSESSC and Bank ExamsRailway ExamsDefence Exams
JEE and NEET PreparationState PSCNET ExamsGATE, ESE and IIT-JAM
NEET PGTET ExamsManagement StudiesCA & CS
State CETCLAT  Maharashtra State BoardPersonal and Skill Development
Chess  Competetive ProgrammingIndonesia   Foreign Studies

Unacademy Plus

Unacademy Plus is a Paid version of Unacademy that enables students to connect with high-quality study materials on their smartphones or Laptops.

Unacademy Plus helps the students to stay in touch with the best educators of India by enjoying the comfort of their own homes.

A mobile or laptop with a good internet connection is the only requirement to access the possibilities spread out by Unacademy in the literary arena.

unacademy plus review

A user-friendly interface where the details regarding the enrolled classes, schedules, downloads, and watch history are highlighted.

Schedule tab displays the personal schedule of the student according to his/her enrolments to the courses offered by Unacademy. It is under this tab details of upcoming sessions, missed sessions, and Completed sessions can be found.

Weekly assessments and quizzes with instant results

Virtual classes with live interactions and doubt clearance

Special classes similar to live classes where students having no subscription to Unacademy plus can also attend the sessions free of cost

New courses are added from time to time

Batch courses and individual courses on almost all the subjects are available

Unacademy plus support is the best in its service and is always with students to solve any difficulties they may face with Unacademy Plus subscription.

Unacademy Legends is an initiative by Unacademy where they provide a platform for many eminent personalities from various walks of life to share their experiences.

Course Fee structure under Unacademy Plus subscription

Course DurationSSCBank ExamsRailway ExamsCDS/AFCAT/ CAPFNDA/Airforce X and Y/Navy
                                            Fees in INR
1 Month   3 Months  
6 Months   12 months   24 months
1200   3000   4800   6000   72001000   3000   4800   6000   72001000   2500   4000   5000   60001600   4000   7200   8800   128001600   4000   6400   8000   9600
Course DurationIIT JEE and NEET UGFoundation NTSE And OlympiadsNEET PGIIT JAMGATE and ESE
                                             Fees in INR
1 Month   3 Months  
6 Months   12 months  
24 months
7000   17500   28000   38500   560003500   8750   14000   17500   210005000   12500   22500   27500   325002000   5000   8000   10000   120005500   13750   24750   30250   38500
Course DurationUPSC CSE OptionalUPSC CSE GS
                                                  Fees in INR
1 Month   6 Months   12 Months   24 months  
36 months
5000   22500   27500   40000   500009000   40500   49500   72000   90000
Course DurationCSIR-UGC NET/  NTA-UGC NETTET    CA Foundation and IntermediateCAFinalCLAT
Fees in INR
1 Month   3 Months   6 Months   12 months  
24 months
2100   5250   9450   11550   168001200   3000   4800   6000   72003500   8750   14000   17500   210005000   12500   22500   27500   400005000   12500   20000   25000   30000


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